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About Camelia

Camelia Montalvo is a gifted and experienced horsewoman. Her passion for horses and education began at age eight. By age thirteen, she began developing her career through working student positions under reputable international and national trainers. These experiences enabled Camelia to build her dressage foundation through respected trainers Jennifer Baumert, Meri Strauz, and Holger Bechtloff.

In 2010, Camelia became a full-time instructor and trainer working in New York and winter seasons in Wellington, Florida, where her natural abilities and passion for teaching and training became recognized. Currently, Camelia trains regularly with international competitor and trainer Scott Hassler, a former United States Equestrian Federation National Dressage Coach.


As an instructor, Camelia is very successful and experienced for both youth and adult amateurs. Many of the youth students she started, she has taken to Lendon Gray’s Dressage 4 Kids Youth Festival – six teams in total. These teams and riders have consistently placed successfully with many wins and scores well into 70 percent and strong consistent wins in equitation.

As a trainer and competitor, Camelia has won through 4th Level Dressage. Beyond her competition successes, Camelia has rescued many horses and ponies and trained them to be mounts for her youth students, many of which went to the Dressage 4 Kids Youth Festival and won.

In addition to her traditional dressage experiences, Camelia has also impacted children and adults coping with physical and emotional issues through her riding program emphasizing the horse for healing and development. One of Camelia’s most popular programs is her Kids Camps which are held frequently April through October, bringing horses and youth together for a fun learning experience.\

Camelia is based in the Mid-Hudson Valley in New York State where she teaches and trains from April through November. In the winter months, she is based in Wellington, Florida.

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